Merseyrail: General Grades pay referendum results 2022

Thank you to all our general grades members who voted to have a say on their pay in our referendum.

Pay Referendum Results

Of those TSSA members who voted, 94% voted to accept the pay offer.

I have therefore written to the company advising that TSSA general grade members accept the offer of a one-year deal of:

7.1% increase or £1600, whichever is greater

However, the company have advised they are still waiting for the RMT to conduct a similar referendum and will wait until that process has completed before advising us of the outcome. Assuming that RMT accept then the pay rise will be backdated to the appropriate pay Anniversary date.

I have requested a date for talks for Management grades pay talks and am waiting for a date from the company.

In the context of where the rest of the industry is in terms of pay, I am glad to be writing to TSSA members working for Merseyrail with such positive news for you to receive a pay rise that is so high when other rail workers are being asked to give up terms and conditions to fund their own pay rises. It shows the importance of strong trade union membership and I hope that you will offer them your solidarity in the weeks and months ahead.

If there are any Management graded members who wish to represent their colleagues in Pay talks or in general, then please email Alan Valentine by clicking here We also need permanent reps for the other grade groups so if interested please use that email to contact Alan.

Please also encourage your colleagues to join TSSA today.

And consider printing and putting this communication up in your workplace noticeboard for others to see!

Together we are stronger!