NORTHERN RAIL: Pay Freeze - "Thank You!" Is Not Enough.

Railway tracks with platform in view and lighting on. Early morning sky.

Northern announce 'pay freeze' - As dictated to by the DfT and Rail Delivery Group, Northern Rail have informed all staff that, unless you earn less than £24,000 (basic salary), there will be no money forthcoming for a cost of living pay increase for both 2020 and 2021. 

Your unions Full Time Officials, and representatives expressed both their anger, frustration and contempt, by telling Northern Trains Ltd under no uncertain terms, that “Slapping our members with pay freezes is nothing more than a kick in the teeth for these essential key workers.”  

Further, “Our members have worked day in, day out, often putting themselves and their families at an increased risk, to keep the railway running during the pandemic and in return you have given them nothing more than a “thank you.” 

This is particularly galling in respect of the pay award you should have received in April 2020.  

The April 2020 pay award should have been made in the knowledge of the sterling work and contribution you provided to the company in 2019! 

See this link for the full joint statement from all four Trade Unions Full Time Officials -   Thank You is Not Enough  

Talks have been adjourned for all parties to consider their positions. But it has been made abundantly clear that offering no m ore than a "Thank you" in return for your hard work and efforts is totally unacceptable.  

We will update members on progress. 

We ask all members to log in to MyTSSA to check that your union membership details are accurate so that we can continue to support effectively and communicate directly