Stena Line 2021 pay claim

TSSA members at Stena Line are invited to vote in our online pay referendum for a backdated increase for 2020 and a new multi-year offer for 2021 to 2023. 

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2020 pay claim 

Despite the fact that TSSA members voted to reject last year’s pay offer of 2.1.% we are aware that a number of colleagues received this increase. The company is keen to rectify this which is why they have repeated their earlier offer which we are keen to seek your views on. 

2021-2023 pay claim 

The company has also tabled a multi-year offer consisting of 1.5% in year 1, 2% in year 2 and 2% in year 3. The company has made it clear to us that this is an unusual step for them however given the current economic climate this will provide them with an element of financial security. They have also provided an assurance that should “the RPI rate in October 2022 and/or October 2023 were to exceed 3.0% or fall below 0.5%, pay talks would be reopened for that year.” 

The TSSA reps believe that this is the best offer on the table and therefore recommend that you vote yes to accept the 2020 pay offer and yes to accept the 2021-2023 pay offer. 

The TSSA reps again raised the issue of pay disparities and the consolidation of allowances as a concern and the company has committed to a joint piece of collaborative working to understand this in detail. The company has confirmed that the associated outputs could be addressed outside of the current multiyear pay deal on offer. 

Our referendum survey asks members to decide whether to accept or reject the offer. If you vote to reject, you will be asked to indicate what increase you would find acceptable and what you would be prepared to do to force Stena Line to make an improved offer so that we can plan our strategy. 

Important note: This survey is open to both union members AND non-members. We would like to engage with as many employees as we can, so please feel free to forward this to all your colleagues, team members and your wider community. Together, we are stronger. 

Our referendum closes at noon on 13 July 2021, make sure that you vote and have your say. 

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate members to come forward as TSSA representatives. You will get full TSSA support and training as well as paid release to undertake your trade union duties. Please contact Natalie Feeley for more information.

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