TPE: Pay Meeting Cancelled!

Thank you to those members who completed our pay survey earlier in the year, this enabled us to lodge a pay claim on your behalf. Since then, we have met once with the company to negotiate on Pay on 20 April. However, when we met despite the company advising they had authority to negotiate they advised that any pay talks needed to centre around productivity savings. All Unions present at the meeting advised this wasn’t acceptable and another meeting was arranged for 26 May 2022.

General Secretary’s letter

In April our General Secretary also wrote to TPE asking for assurances around Pay, Job Security and Terms and conditions, but we didn’t receive the assurance that we were looking for from the company. However, we remained open to negotiations despite being in dispute with the company!

Pay Meeting Cancelled!

Shortly before we were due to meet the meeting was Cancelled with 2 days’ notice! I have written to the company outlining our disappointment and requesting alternative dates to be proposed by today but have yet to receive a response. It is clear there is an unwillingness to meet to resolve our pay dispute! Therefore we need your help to ensure that you encourage your colleagues to join TSSA (they can do so at Join Us | TSSA), for existing members to volunteer to come forward to represent your colleagues and for existing members to ensure we have up to date home address, email, phone number and work details (Job title, Grade, Department and workplace) for them.

Check Your TSSA Record is up to date

If you have moved house, changed email address, mobile number or your name, job title, department or workplace has changed then please let us know by Registering online for ‘MyTSSA’ at Get Help: First Time Logging In | MyTSSA

If you have registered before you can log in here Login | TSSA

Or you can send updates by contacting our membership team with the changes at or call our helpdesk on 0800 328 2673

Represent your colleagues

If you are interested in representing your colleagues in any capacity, then please complete our online form here:

Get Involved: Become a Workplace Rep | TSSA

We are stronger together!

Every TSSA member will help us help you in our collective fight to achieve a fair pay settlement so please speak to your colleagues and encourage them to join even if there are in a grade that sits outside of collective bargaining, we want to give you a voice!

Encourage your colleagues to join today online at Join Us | TSSA