TfW Rail Limited 2022 management and clerical pay offer accepted

Dear member

We are writing to you to thank those of you who took the time out to respond to our latest 2022 pay referendum for the management and clerical grades.

We appreciate that this has been a drawn-out process and thank you for your continued patience. Your ongoing feedback has been invaluable in the negotiation process and has shaped the final offer which we put to you.

We made it clear on this occasion that your reps were divided on their recommendation preferring to hear your views. This is also reflected in the result of the vote in that 53.4% of those members who took part voted to accept the offer.

We will now inform the company and request an urgent discussion about the “customer support shift” and address the queries you have raised with us. We will of course also keep you updated on the on-call review.   

Historically we have always conducted single table pay negotiations with all the relevant trade unions therefore our expectation is that no pay increase will be applied until all of the unions are in agreement.