Anglia No. 3 branch (019)Anglia No. 3 branch (019)

About the branch

Anglia No. 3 Branch organises and represents members working in Cambridge, Lincoln, Grantham, Peterborough, and Stevenage, who are not covered by a company, sector or grade branch within the Anglia and London North East Divisional Council area.

The Branch also represents members employed by Govia Thames Railway north of the Thames.

Other companies our members work for include Balfour Beatty Track Alliance, Greater Anglia, and London North Eastern Railway.


Chris Ash

Correspondence secretary, Anglia No. 3 branch

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Balfour Betty track workers on the track

Balfour Beatty

TSSA has collective bargaining rights for CRSA and a number of other staff in Balfour Beatty.

Greater Anglia's 745010 'FLIRT' arrives into Colchester working a Liverpool Street - Norwich service.©SavageKieran

Greater Anglia

TSSA represents staff working for Greater Anglia on a collective and/or individual basis depending on their grade.