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Rosemary Ede

GWR Rep Rosemary Ede

My father was a very active Union Rep who was well regarded and respected. I watched how he was able to help and support people as a Union Rep. In later life he helped with supporting younger people with education opportunities, to encourage them to achieve the best they could in life and aim high.

With this background, I have always had a strong belief that everybody should be encouraged to be the best they can be with support. To be treated fairly with respect and dignity. I never thought I would become a Rep but when the opportunity arose I felt it was the right time. 

My role is very rewarding. It gives me the chance to meet people and to listen to the concerns of colleagues and put their views across. It gives them a voice as I can raise their comments at meetings. It gives the ability to strive for better working relations and conditions, whilst sometimes supporting colleagues through some difficult times.

It is very satisfying to know I have been able to help others in many ways. Sometimes a listening ear can mean so much. To make a positive difference. 

I have always been very proud of my role and would encourage others to do the same if they can. As a Union we have a stronger voice standing together. 

Darran Hickery

Darran Hickery GWR Rep

Hi, my name is Darran Hickery and I work for Great Western Railway as Depot Engineering Manager Technician at St Philip's Marsh depot in Bristol. I have worked on the railway for thirty years, the last six of which have been in management. Prior to that, I worked in the Colliery in the South Wales Coalfield. I am a Trade Unionist and proud of it. So much so that a large proportion of my working life has been spent as a Union Rep in its many guises, the last six of which has been for the TSSA. Within this period I have helped TSSA members get the representation they deserve including dealing and succeeding with grievances and in some cases saving their employment. That is what we do as a union because that is what we must do. So, join the TSSA today and play your part in shaping a better tomorrow.

Simon Bubb

GWR rep Simon Bubb, smiling

I work as an Area Operations Manager, I’m one of a team of six based at Bristol Temple Meads, there are also AOM’s based at Paddington, Reading, Oxford, Exeter St David’s & Plymouth which come under the Train Service Delivery function, I’m the TSSA rep for TSD ‘outer’ which constitutes managers who work for TSD other than those who work in the control centre at Swindon.            

I believe being a member of a union is important & have personally received help & advice from the TSSA, having someone who listened, understood the situation & was knowledgeable made a huge difference which I’ll never forget.

Having received help when I need it made me think about how I could try & help fellow colleagues, being a staff rep was the obvious choice.

Since becoming a rep I‘ve  helped a number of colleagues by accompanying them to investigatory hearings & representation at disciplinary hearings, it’s great when a positive outcome is achieved.                

I see strength in numbers as fundamental in making a union as effective as possible, following some great work by the TSSA & TSSA members within GWR Train Service Delivery collective bargaining has been reattained for managers within the function a fantastic achievement which I’m determined to help build on so that this right isn’t lost.     

I’m proud to be a member of the TSSA, having been so all my working life, 42 years & counting!!

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