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Greg Morse

Clapham Collision 35 Years On

Clapham Memorial | Edgepedia / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

It is 35 years ago today (12 December) that the Clapham Junction Collision occurred, which ended the lives of so many people whilst leaving many more injured. 

Clapham had a profound impact on the railway industry, but in recent years, TSSA has become increasingly alarmed by a series of Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) reports that are suggesting that some of the lessons from Clapham are being forgotten as the accident fades from memory or, for a new generation, its significance has not been fully grasped. 

TSSA invited Greg Morse to review the Clapham accident and draw out the lessons to be learned. Greg is a member of TSSA and the Railway Safety and Standards Board's Operational Feedback Lead. He is also an author of books on the causes of railway accidents and will identify the issues raised by the RAIB. 

"GREG MORSE considers the multi-fatality at Clapham in 1988 and why we need to go on to remember those accidents and the lessons that came from it

It takes eight minutes to get from Waterloo to Clapham. It’s a trip many people make every day without issue, problem or pain. Sadly that wasn’t the case in 1988. Back then, a wrong-side signal failure led to a multi-train collision that took 35 lives. Eight minutes, yet it’s also 35 years. All-too-easy to forget what we knew 35 years ago..."

Be sure to read the full article, which has been published as a special reps bulletin.

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