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David Hardman

Hazards Conference 2023

A dark blue background with three light blue silhouettes, each holding one arm in the air. Text reads "The 34th National Hazards Conference. Organising for safe and healthy work environments. 1-3 September 2023."

The annual Hazards conference at Keele (with an online option this year) is a fantastic opportunity for health and safety reps to build their knowledge and network with other reps. There are a series of workshops designed to build an understanding and confidence about how to organise for health and safety in the workplace, and there are also talks about health and safety challenges in Britain and around the world.

 I’ve attended several Hazards conferences now.  The presentations I’ve listened to include:

  • union reps from the Health and Safety Executive talking about the realities of their work and the pressure they have been under as the government has squeezed their funding
  • bereaved parents talking about the unsafe workplaces that killed their children, as well as the assistance they have received from Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) in bringing unscrupulous employers to justice
  • anti-asbestos campaigners talking about the harm that this substance is still causing in modern Britain

 I highly recommend any health & safety rep to attend if they are able.

David Hardman, Secretary of the TSSA National Health & Safety Steering Committee