Local campaigners to stage Derby Station Ticket Office Protest

Ticket office sign in train station, above smaller sign saying 'ticket machine'.

Local environment campaigners and members of TSSA will protest at Derby station on Thursday 24th August against government plans to shut the ticket office.

The activists will leaflet passengers and passers-by from 09:00 - 11:00.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is currently consulting on plans which would mean closing almost every ticket office across England, including the one at Derby station. Transport Focus, which is running the consultation, has received more than 370,000 responses - an unprecedented number.

Climate Campaigner Peter Robinson said “In order to combat climate change, we need to invest in railways. Eighty-five per cent of global CO2 transport emissions come from cars, planes and trucks. For the sake of the planet, we need people to switch from taking the car to rail travel. For that to happen we need ticket offices open so people can get the cheapest ticket for their journey.”

TSSA President Melissa Heywood said, “The closure of ticket offices affects all of us, especially vulnerable passengers and those with disabilities and additional needs. 

“Losing ticket offices would make our railways less accessible for many disabled passengers who already face significant barriers to travelling by rail. The government’s proposals will only make this situation worse.”

Climate Activist Anne Morgan said, "Ticket machines are no use to me. Both of my hands have some fingers that do not bend properly. That often leads to me accidentally touching parts of screens that I did not intend to touch.

“A few months ago I was in a Café that asked customers to order by using a touch screen. Twice I had to summon a human to delete what the screen thought we wanted to order.

“I also often find that touch screens are unable to sense that my fingers have touched or swiped them. I don’t want to be offered help by an unvetted member of the public while I am attempting to put in bank details to make payment at a machine.”

The campaigners will meet at Derby station at 09:00am to hand out leaflets to the public encouraging them to respond to the consultation.


A row of cartoon people in various railway company uniforms. they are a wide range of ages, races and a mix of male, female and non-binary. One is in a wheelchair, another has an LGBT + pride flag badge. One has a hijab and another is wearing a turban. Text reads "Our Rail Our Future, Your Ticket Offices , Keep Them Open." in white on red and blue background.

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