TSSA condemn “phony” Minimum Service Levels consultation exercise

Large picket line at York station with placards and Rachael Maskell MP

TSSA today condemned the government's “phony” consultation on the Minimum Service Levels (MSL) legislation saying “If they had any interest in listening to us it wouldn’t be happening.” 

The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act 2023 was passed earlier this year despite protests by trade unions.

TSSA President Melissa Heywood said, “If this Conservative government had ever had any sincere intent to listen to the trade unions it would never have passed the legislation.

“The simple fact is that this legislation is authoritarian, anti-democratic and unworkable.

“It’s a fundamental right for workers to withdraw their labour. Our strike ballots are more stringently regulated than the Conservative party leadership election, with higher thresholds required to call a strike than to form a government. But the government wants us to tell our members to go to work even if they’ve voted for a strike. That ain’t gonna happen!

“This phony call for consultation is meaningless, an effort to make them look good. If they had any interest in listening to us it wouldn’t be happening. 

“We will be resisting the implementation of this legislation at every step of the process.”


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