TSSA speaks out on Bromley South stabbing

British Rail sign on building

TSSA has condemned the assault and stabbing of a Revenue Protection Officer at Bromley South on Monday and the culture of indifference by Southeastern bosses that allowed the event to happen.

The incident took place on bank holiday Monday at about ten past one. Two Revenue Protection Officers from Ashford asked a young man for his ticket and an altercation ensued. One officer had a tooth knocked out and the other was stabbed in the leg seven times by the youth.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: 

"This was a brutal attack on two members of staff who were simply doing their jobs. Our union offers our fullest sympathy and solidarity to the Revenue Protection Officers who were the victims in this assault.

"No worker should have to be afraid of assault whilst doing their job. But Southeastern bosses have been ignoring the trades unions' warnings over increasing levels of violence on the London end of that line for some time. Now, sadly, we see a serious attack on a railway worker due to their complacency and incompetence.

"I am glad to hear that both workers are out of hospital now and I offer them my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Our union stands shoulder to shoulder with RMT in our battle for safety on the railways."