TSSA warns of ‘crippling’ industrial action at Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales train travelling at speed in countryside

TSSA warns of ‘crippling’ industrial action at Transport for Wales  

Rail union TSSA is to ballot dozens of members in Fleet Management at Transport for Wales (TfW) for possible strike action and action short of a strike.  

The union is in dispute with the company over so-called ‘bolt-ons’ - additional payments which cover shift work. These have been awarded to other staff outside Fleet Management, and without them, managers would effectively miss out on the accruement of pensionable pay.   

The ballot will open on the 28th of March and conclude on the 18th of April. The union is warning that a walkout or work-to-rule would seriously hamper the ability of TfW to run trains across Wales.   

Fleet Management are responsible daily for signing off safety critical work across TfW.  

Commenting, TSSA General Secretary, Maryam Eslamdoust said: “What TfW are proposing for our members is unjust and unfair. They simply must have the same deal as those they are responsible for managing.   

“As it stands, they will be seriously disadvantaged on the issue of pensions, and that can’t be allowed to happen. We appeal to the company and the Welsh Government to act now to avert industrial action which would cripple the network.”

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