TUC Disabilty Conference condemns Ticket Offices closure

Cheryl O'Brien, a white woman with grey hair standing at a wooden podium in front of a screen saying "TUC". She is wearing a red dress with a white floral print.

TUC Disabled Workers Conference today passed a motion condemning the proposed closure of railway ticket offices.

TSSA delegate, Cheryl O'Brien, spoke supporting the motion. Her speech is below. 

"TSSA condemns the Rail Delivery Group for reneging on the agreement made with TSSA in February 2023, tearing up the agreement and announcing a consultation to close 1,000 station Booking Offices in England.

"In their sudden scramble to close tickets office they did not “have time” to consult with the ORR (Office of Road and Rail) or the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

"The closure of booking offices will severely impact on  disabled people, the elderly, the vulnerable, lone travellers, particularly women and the young, as well as any rail users needing travel assistance.

"TSSA also calls on the TUC to come together with all unions to campaign against this unfair consultation which will see the loss of Booking Office Staff, their expertise and knowledge, replacing them with ticket machines and Artificial Intelligence.

"Conference, please support Emergency Motion 2. I support."

A row of cartoon people in various railway company uniforms. they are a wide range of ages, races and a mix of male, female and non-binary. One is in a wheelchair, another has an LGBT + pride flag badge. One has a hijab and another is wearing a turban. Text reads "Our Rail Our Future, Your Ticket Offices , Keep Them Open." in white on red and blue background.

Our Rail Our Future - Ticket Offices Campaign

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