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BAME & Emix

E-MIX logoOrganising black, Asian and minority ethnic TSSA members

Aim: To represent the views of the members of all levels of the movement.

Despite the existence of Equal Opportunities Legislation in the UK for over 30 years, inequality in the workplace and the wider labour market still exist.

E-Mix, Self Organised Group for BAME members

E-MIX aims to build the role of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members to all representative levels of the Association.

  • To promote positive equality
  • Combat workplace discrimination
  • Fight racism and fascism in the work place and in the community.
  • Increase awareness and benefits of diversity in the community.

Contact: Angella Palmer on 07572 079116 or

BAME Campaign Network

To focus on specific campaigns and issues we have started a BAME network for all BAME members who want to get active in the union. Our network works with E-Mix to make workplaces more inclusive for BAME members. Current issues include:

  • Progression and career opportunities
  • Everyday rascism
  • Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting

If you are affected by these issues or others and want to find out what you can do, please contact us on