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Great Western Railway: Clerical Reps elections

17 April 2018

Clerical graded members that have never been restructured i.e. those sitting outside of stations will have the opportunity to nominate and elect local trade union representatives in the coming months. We ask all grades to encourage their colleagues in these grades to join us, nominate a colleague or even to stand to represent clerical colleagues, no matter what they’ve been told they have a legal right to be a member of a trade union!


Representation is important

The clerical grades don’t have the same representational structures as other grades within collective bargaining. Despite many years of TSSA fighting for a regular divisional council to represent your grades GWR are not prepared to hold meetings on a regular basis. However, we have been in talks to restructure the Local representative seats known as ‘LDC’ to fit the companies structure and give a voice to the near 150 clerical staff within the company. Divisional council meetings will be able to take place when issues arise.

It is important that TSSA members stand for the 4 Local seats and carry on the work similar to that which David Finch from Laira Depot has been carrying out during the Engineering reorganisation/redundancy meetings. Unfortunately, David isn’t planning on standing again but will carry out that important work till in concludes. A big thank you to David for his many years representing clerical grades in Engineering. Rosemary Ede recently joined us as a clerical rep working in Payroll at Bristol Temple Meads and has gone through the TSSA induction training, Rosemary intends on standing for one of the newly formed HQ seats so we hope that those members within this constituency will vote for her and also consider standing for the second seat. Both David and Rosemary understand the importance of fighting for fairness and equity on behalf of TSSA members and want to see their colleagues stand for the vacant seats so that TSSA can continue representing a core grade for our union.

Full details of the seats and how to participate will be issued by GWR in the coming weeks but it is important that you encourage your colleagues who are not members to join us today at so that they have the ability to nominate, stand and vote for candidates.

Seats for Election

The LDC Seats will be broken down into the following:

2 x Representatives for HQ Functions Clerical Grades (e.g. Finance (including payroll), Sales & Marketing, Operations HO, Business Assurance, Engineering HO, Customer Service & Transformation HO, Safety, Projects, HR) – the expectation is that each of these 2 positions would be filled by someone in a different function i.e. there couldn’t be two reps both from projects.

1 x Representative Outbased Clerical Grades West e.g. Operations/OBS/Engineering/Revenue Protection/Stations not based in HQ locations clerical grades

1 x Representative Outbased Clerical Grades East e.g. Operations/OBS/Engineering/Revenue Protection/Stations not based in HO locations clerical grades

TSSA will provide full training and support to representatives to carry out their duties supported by GWR in the form of paid time off to attend training and meetings.

Our reps help members deal with all sorts of situations whether it be bullying in the workplace, handling workplace moves, managing workloads, performance, attendance, redundancy consultations, TUPE consultations along with individual representations on disciplinaries and grievances. But without Trade union representatives you won’t have a voice in any of these processes! Please talk to colleagues that you think would make good representatives and get them to stand to be nominated. If you think things could be better at work you need union representatives to make that happen!

Please note that we also have vacant Health and Safety representatives and Union Learning representative’s seats for all the TSSA grades, if you are interested or have questions in any of the above positions then please call Alan Valentine on 07775912829 or email him by clicking here  

Please encourage your colleagues to join us at and print and leave out this circular for colleagues to read why they should join.

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