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Great Western Railway: Managers Redundancy Process

28 August 2019

TSSA Management members will no doubt be aware of the long running saga with the company where TSSA has sought to improve upon the Redundancy Peoples process for Managers. TSSA members clearly expressed the process was not fit for purpose through a democratic referendum in 2018.


Unfortunately, since providing your feedback to GWR and asking for a face to face meeting to negotiate further they have refused this and effectively pulled up the drawbridge! They are now seeking to impose the process from 1st October. This clearly demonstrates that we cannot trust them to bargain fairly, simply based on a ‘promise’ as their previous correspondence outlined their intention to negotiate and their actions clearly cannot be described as such. Now is the time for managers in GWR to get behind a campaign to have an agreed collective bargaining machinery to deal with such matters ideally without having to resort to disputes and strike ballots. We saw recently in Cross Country, managers outside of collective bargaining resorting to an industrial action ballot in order to be treated fairly and thanks to a successful ballot result persuaded the company to see sense (click here to read what happened). We would rather have a recognised and agreed collective bargaining machinery covering Management Grades in order to settle disputes of this nature and we believe our members want that too! Read our Guide to Collective Bargaining by clicking here

With First Group stability and finances recently in doubt along with the recent history of GWR indiscriminately culling managers without following a process (Click here and here for previous communications) we are worried what the new Direct Award might bring for our members, and their colleagues who are not currently TSSA members. It is also worrying that the company are seeking to impose this people process in advance of the Direct Award being announced. We would urge you to encourage your colleagues to join as soon as possible so that they have the full TSSA protection, they can do this at

TSSA have a track record of supporting members in collective redundancy situations, where we have trained and supported Management Representatives who have the full backing of their full-time officials. With access to specialised legal support and the ability to leverage GWR though collective might for them to reconsider job losses, put support in place including financial support when you are expected to move locations and/or roles and ensure those that do take redundancy have a fair and equitable package. In the recent Depot Engineering reorganisations TSSA ensured that compulsory redundancy for managers were kept to a minimum and the vast majority were from volunteers. For those managers who had to change roles and or locations we ensured that managers received similar treatment to the other grades, so what we are asking for is not impossible!

From our experience, far too often, people get caught in the crossfire of decisions made by GWR and sometimes despite being completely loyal to the company they feel like they are sold down the river. When there is a climate of fear it is all too difficult to challenge these issues, which is why we want to break the negative cycle, create a more open, transparent and fair workplace for you.

Their track record speaks for itself when GWR removed collective bargaining for managers in 2015 they promised that they would:

· Set up employee forums for managers – they’ve failed to do this and yet claim engagement has improved and is demonstrated by the Your voice surveys!

· Carry our Job Evaluation, as it should be called or Job Levelling as GWR want to call it – they reneged on this but have since suggested that they will “explore the possibility of Job Levelling for Management grades” by 2022 which feels like more empty promises

· Committed to continue talking to TSSA on the management peoples process – despite having a letter from the Head of Employee Relations stating that this was negotiable, we are now being told it will be implemented without your agreement, contrary to the principles of negotiation.

Please, allow TSSA to speak up for you, or better still be part of the solution by volunteering to help us via our survey:

And encourage your colleagues to join today

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