Babcock Rail 2023 Pay Claim

We meet again with the company 30/05/2023 for further Pay discussions for the 2023 pay award.

The company made the following new pay proposal.

On a one-year deal:

5.2% for those covered by collective bargaining.

£1500.00 flat rate increase for those on the lower pay scales in clerical, PM and apprentice roles.

Again, we believe the company offer still falls short of members expectations and doesn’t reflect the impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on members.

We believe that members deserve an improved offer. The company is on record for stating they are looking to pay shareholders a dividend, other companies in the industry have pay offers above the company offer, Babcock rail has successfully delivered on its contract KPI’s and has confirmed new contracts until 2027. All this and recognising how members put their collective shoulder to the wheel and demonstrated huge flexibility to ensure work continued and was delivered during the covid period must be recognised with a fair and reasonable pay offer.

We have therefore rejected this new offer from the company and requested they go away and reflect on the very real financial pressure members are facing and come back with an improved offer.

We await the response from the company, and we hope they have taken on board our position and come back with a new and improved offer that would be worthy of consideration. If they fail to come back with a satisfactory pay offer again, we will then be consulting members on the potential for possible industrial action to clearly demonstrate our determination to ensure we get some wage justice.

Members should contact their reps to discuss any issues on the pay claim or make any comments/suggestions to:

Terry Keegans:

Steven O’Brien:

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