GWR: TSD Representative Elections

Thank you for those members who helped nominate Tom Bennett for the position of Train Service Delivery constituency representative, whilst we had 2 vacancies, Tom’s was the only valid nomination form received during the nomination period and therefore he has been elected unopposed.

Representative constituencies

Below is a full and up to date list of Representatives in TSD & Rostering & Resources (R&R)


Swindon = 3 representatives (Grant Wrenn – who also sits on company Council, Tom Bennett plus 1 vacancy)

Outbased (Not in Swindon) = 1 representative (Simon Bubb)


Swindon = 2 representatives (Steve Clifford & Stuart Wall)

Your reps are incredibly important and as well as providing support and advice to members, they take part in consultations and negotiations with the employer as part of the Joint Council and Company Council raising issues on your behalf and for your betterment.

We will consider how to fill the remaining vacancy in the near future, in the meantime if anyone wishes to express an interest in this role please contact Alan Valentine on

Joint Council meeting – Friday 9 September

There was a full agenda at Fridays Joint Council, one of the pressing concerns raised was regarding the imminent implementation of the new Organisational structure in TSD. As a result of concerns raised by your reps about the gaps in training and either training needs analysis not having taken place for some individuals or the plans not having been enacted senior management sent out a communication asking anyone with concerns to come forward.

Hopefully members with concerns have responded to this and if they haven’t, we would encourage them to do so, feel free to discuss with one of the representatives above or even copy them into your email response.