HS2 members get to vote on pay for the first time ever

Your TSSA Reps have negotiated with HS2 over your pay for the first time ever! 

TSSA was recognised by HS2 in 2019, and your reps have since supported members through major restructuring in Project Evolve, and throughout the pandemic. In December 2021 we submitted our first pay claim to HS2, reflecting the issues highlighted by members in our Pay Survey. We have now held the first round of collective bargaining with HS2, over pay and have a final offer from the company, which reps are recommending members accept.

It's been an interesting negotiation with HS2, especially given it's the first time they have ever collectively bargained with a union. Whilst the deal is not perfect, we feel it's the best negotiated settlement we could reach, that addressed our interests. Principally, to ensure something for everyone and the fairest possible distribution... We hope that you vote to accept the offer.

In addition to an offer for pay increases, HS2 have agreed to enter into further talks with TSSA on their pay system, which will include all issues raised by members in our pay survey. These discussions will continue after collective bargaining concludes. 

TSSA Members are encouraged to see the full offer on our website before voting, or talk with your TSSA Reps to find out the details specific to you. Only members votes will be counted in the results, so join TSSA today to have your say on Pay at HS2

HS2 Vote on Pay 2022
TSSA members attending a rally

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