HS2 Members Vote 'Yes' on pay for 2022

TSSA members at HS2 have voted 'YES' to accept their pay offer for 2022. This is the first time ever that HS2 staff have had the opportunity to vote on pay as a result of historic collective bargaining with TSSA.

In addition to voting yes or no to the pay deal, members were given the opportunity to explain why they voted the way they did and provide valuable feedback, which we will share with the company. Whilst the deal falls short of meeting people's needs and expectations in this cost of living crisis, members have expressed their expectation that HS2 will openly engage with the TSSA on their pay policy and system generally; a commitment that formed part of the company's offer to TSSA members.

The outcome of the vote shows that members are feeling the pain of a two year pay freeze and cost of living rises. Members have told us clearly they accept the offer, but the company needs to work hard to make the pay system for HS2 staff more fair, equitable and fit for the future. We look forward to collaborating with HS2 over the next few months to achieve this.

TSSA Reps are now setting dates with the company to continue discussions on the pay policy and system. To ensure their issues are heard, HS2 staff are urged to join the union and be part of ensuring fairness in the pay system for the future.

The results of the vote are:

52% (of all members)10%62%

TSSA members attending a rally

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