Have your say on 2023 TfW Rail Limited pay

TfW Rail Limited staff covered by collective bargaining have a pay anniversary date of 1 April 2023. All members are invited to have a say in our pay claim survey.

Your reps will use to the survey responses to produce our written claim which we will present to TfW Rail Limited on your behalf at the start of negotiations. 

The strength of our negotiating position is determined by the democratic and industrial mandate of our members; if a large proportion of staff are members who confirm that they have a clear demand, your reps are more able to achieve success. In this way, every member who has a say in our pay claim survey and every colleague who joins our union will have a direct impact on our ability to ensure that your wages aren't eroded by inflation and that your terms and conditions are as good as you deserve. 

The survey closes on Friday 27 January.  

As a member-led, organising union, your pay claim priorities will shape our reps' negotiating position. Members will decide whether we decide to accept or reject offers put forward by the company.

 If you're not already a member of a recognised trade union, join TSSA today and have your say!