TfW Rail Services 2019 final pay offer for management and clerical grades

Thank you to all who took part in the survey. Submissions are now closed. 

Following the recent pay meetings, we are now in a position to share with you the company’s final offer and ask you to tell us what you think by completing the survey by 08/11/19.

The offer is a 3.1% no strings increase.

We are happy to report that we have secured your ambitions for an above RPI increase and we have had positive discussions on the other pay claim items. We believe that this is the best offer that we can achieve in the current circumstances and for this reason we ask you to accept this offer by completing this survey.

In addition we have provided you with the full list of the pay claim items for progression along with updates on areas which are partially resolved:

a) Fair pay and grading

We have been able to resolve some pay inequalities for specific groups of members we are already aware of such as Senior Conductor Managers, Conductor Managers and Station Managers

b) Pensionable/consolidated salaries

c) Hours of work

d) Uniform

e) Annual leave

f) Travel facilities

g) Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing

You will all be aware of the forthcoming timetable change in December and some of the associated consequences for the business. In order to deliver the new timetable, the company has had grade specific discussions with some of your colleagues who have been offered enhanced payment terms for Sunday working. We argued with the company that the new timetable is likely to have workload implications for your grades also however they are not prepared to offer your management and clerical colleagues anything at this time. We have however secured a statement from the company that they will meet with us as soon as possible to discuss this. 

We have also received a full timetable of meeting dates until the end of the year to discuss all of the other outstanding pay related issues. The company has confirmed that when we reach agreements on any of these items, they will apply the changes and benefits at that time and not make you wait until your next pay anniversary in July next year.

Please note that for this pay increase to take effect all of the trade unions involved need to agree the offer. In the eventuality that any of the trade unions reject the pay deal and negotiate an improved offer we will insist that our members receive the same.

Anyone wishing to complete this survey and who isn’t already a TSSA member will need to join by 01/11/19 to take part. 

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