TfW Rail Limited 2021 pay offer

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Dear member 

We are pleased to be writing to you with an update on the pay negotiations for 2021. At a time when a lot of railway colleagues have not been able to secure a pay increase for last year your representatives have worked incredibly hard to secure a good deal on your behalves. The discussions were challenging at times but we put up some strong arguments knowing that we had your full support. The final offer that we secured is 3.3.% based on the May 2021 RPI figure. In normal circumstances your reps would have recommended this offer and we would have sought your endorsement. This year however due to the protracted process and the company’s aim of applying the increase before 10 March (prior to the rise in NI costs) we will not have the opportunity of canvassing you in the usual way. For these reasons your reps accepted the offer which you can read in full at the bottom of this update.

We continue to experience a range of economic, societal and economic pressures and encourage you to reach out to your reps with your concerns. We will continue to do all we can to protect and improve your terms and conditions and look forward to commencing the 2022 pay negotiations in April. As ever we will update you on key developments.

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TfW Rail Limited 2021 pay offer letter

TfW Rail Limited 2021 pay offer from the company