TfW Rail Limited 2023 pay offer overwhelmingly rejected

Thank you to those members who took the time to complete our recent survey and for demonstrating the strength of feeling by rejecting this year’s pay offer. Of those who voted 90% have rejected the offer and 10% voted to accept, these numbers mirror the proportion of members who are also willing to undertake some form of industrial action. 

While members have made their views very clear on the offer as presented on 29 March 2023 including comments such as the offer does not “properly reflect the cost of living gap” and “this falls well short of RPI” a significant number of the respondents have also cited their frustration with the way that the productivity elements of the 2022 offer were handled and the lack of progress more generally on some of the legacy issues such as working hours and non-pensionable allowances. 

Your reps will now take this unequivocal mandate back to the company to seek an improved offer knowing that if our preferred diplomatic approach is not successful that we have the full backing of our members.