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Stonewall & TSSA: Being a better ally to LGBTQ+ PoC

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A unique and important learning opportunity on being a better ally to LGBTQ+ people of colour.

About this event

As part of Black history month, and ahead of National Coming Out Day (11th October) our partners at Stonewall will lead an online session on Being a better ally to LGBTQ+ people of colour (PoC).

Black LGBT people have been severely affected by the global pandemic, as well as the trauma of systemic racism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia experienced by the entire community. Now more than ever, we need allies to step up and take action.

We know that many people have looked to find ways to support the Black community during this time of immense pain and uncertainty. Sometimes this allyship can be positive and other times it can be misguided. Allyship is not a single step, it is an ongoing journey. It takes work, self-reflection and making that conscious decision over and over to step up until it becomes embedded in how we behave.

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