Pay offer linked to workplace reforms

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This is an update for TSSA members working in train operating companies regarding an offer on pay and proposals on workplace reforms.

Your employer has made a pay offer linked to workplace reforms.

As you know, we are in dispute with a number of train operators over the issues of pay, job security and terms and conditions.

We are currently holding industrial action ballots in the following train operators: Avanti West Coast, c2c, CrossCountry, East Midlands Railway, GWR, LNER, Northern, Southeastern, West Midlands Trains. We are also balloting Network Rail members.

These ballots continue and we urge you to vote yes and return your ballot paper as quickly as possible – a big yes vote will strengthen our hand in negotiations.

Yesterday, we were given a pay offer for members working in train operators, conditional on a wide range of ‘workplace reforms’.

The pay offer is 2% plus a further 1% in six months’ time conditional on:

  1. Retailing modernisation (ticket office closures)
  2. Stations multiskilling
  3. 7 day railway to cover Sundays
  4. Changes to the Railways Pension Scheme

We have been invited to industry-wide talks for Department of Transport train operators in which we will receive more details about the above. These talks will take place next Thursday, 30 June, and TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes and President Mick Carney will attend these talks. 

However, we have serious concerns about the proposals as they fall far short of your aspirations. For starters, the pay offer is far below what you are experiencing in terms of the pressure of the cost-of-living crisis. RPI has hit 11.7% and now CPI is 9.1%. Add to this you have not had a pay rise for at least two years and prices are expected to continue rising.  

The additional workplace reforms now being proposed by employers are also of great concern. Our demand for a no compulsory redundancy agreement is more important than ever, given the proposed ticket office closures and station grade reforms. 

Be assured, as your trade union, we will not agree any attacks on your job security or your terms and conditions.  

We will update with you with more details once we have them. In the meantime, please vote yes in your TSSA ballot, please speak to your reps and please encourage any colleagues not yet a member of our union to join today – this is a crucial moment to have union representation. 

In solidarity,

Your TSSA union

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