TSSA comment on Keir Starmer Conference speech

Keir Starmer MP speaking fron the rostrum at Labour Party conference with slogan 'people before privilege'

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has backed the keynote Conference speech by Keir Starmer in which he attacked the Conservatives on their record in government, hitting out at the recent budget crisis. 

The Labour leader promised a massive boost to the NHS, with pledges to set up a publicly owned green energy company with a commitment to 100 per cent clean power by 2030.  

Starmer said his government would “run towards the challenges of tomorrow” creating a fairer, greener, more dynamic Britain. 

Commenting, union boss Cortes said: “Today from Keir Starmer we heard a very different vision for the future of our country – one which represents a force for good. 

“Keir is right to say that the Tories are only interested in those at the top. They have turned their backs on the 99 per cent with their tax cuts for the one per cent. 

“He has today shown that Labour will govern in the interests of working people while tackling climate change, rather than acting only for vested interests and the rich.  

“You don't have to agree with every dot and comma of what he says to realise that our Labour Party will govern for the many not the few.  

“Today, I'm sure we are witnessing the start of the changing of the guard as Britain has had more than enough of Tory unfairness and failure. People want the solutions Labour is offering in the shape of these bold initiatives. 

“The general election can't come soon enough.” 

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