TSSA slams government for hitting London with fares rise

Tube train moving through underground station, TfL

TSSA has hit out at Boris Johnson and his Conservative government for forcing a regressive fares rise on London’s public transport network, claiming it will “will choke our air, our roads and leave our climate commitments in tatters”.

Transport for London (TfL) fares are set to increase by 4.8% on average from 1 March – one percent higher than the national rail fares increase. Some fares will rise by more than this, with 10 pence on bus fares equating to a 6.5% increase.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan froze fares between 2016 and 2021 and says he has “done everything in my power to keep fares as affordable as possible.”

Commenting on the rise, Manuel Cortes, TSSA general secretary, put the Conservative government in his sights, saying: “This regressive fares rise will hit Londoners and the wider country hard.

“This government is guilty of encouraging a car-led recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – something which will choke our air, our roads and leave our climate commitments in tatters.

“Boris Johnson’s dodgy deal when he was Mayor of London has crippled TfL’s finances and made it impossible for TfL to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. We need more people – not fewer – travelling by public transport. It’s good for our communities and our climate and it really is the most efficient way to get around, especially in London.

“The Tories must see sense and come up with a sustainable, long-term funding settlement for TfL which encourages more people to take public transport, not hammer passengers.”

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