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Great Western Railway: Engineering Reorganisation

1 February 2019

For management members in Great Western Railways this is an update on the current situation in Engineering regarding the ongoing reorganisations of the function following the introduction of the Electric/Bi modal fleet.


As many will be aware Landore depot is all but closed and Old Oak depot has been closed and there have been reductions in jobs in the other depots. By and large whilst there have been difficulties TSSA along with our sister unions have been working on behalf of our members to ensure that the process is as painless as possible for effected staff.

Since last year when the new Engineering Director was appointed, rumours have been circulating around proposals to change the existing Management structures within the directorate. These could have ramifications on all staff based in Engineering but until we understand the proposals this is unclear. TSSA have been asking questions around the plans to understand the rational, scope and repercussions to our members but have so far been met with scant information or silence which is unusual given the collaborative work that has taken place since 2015.

I wanted you all to know that along with the other grades that TSSA represent we will always continue to champion all of our members issues, not least our management members to seek resolution. Unfortunately, we have been advised that the intention is to stop the Special Engineering Divisional council meetings which were set up in 2015 to handle the large scale of change that was planned. The next of these meetings is taking place on Monday 4 February which is being branded as the last meeting of its kind.

I have written to the Engineering Director asking what I believe to be reasonable questions in advance of this meeting and I hope that we can come up with a sensible conclusion at that next meeting that sees people being treated no differently in the future to the last 3 years. We will of course update you after the meeting to let you know how it went but in the meantime you can read the letter that I sent by clicking here.

Please share this communication and the work that we are doing with your management colleagues so that they realise the benefit of being part of the TSSA family. If they aren’t a member they can join at

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