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Amey Offer - Have your say on 2024 Pay

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Have your say on 2024 pay

Your TSSA reps have been negotiating with Amey since members helped to formulate this year's claim for improvements to pay and conditions. 

The company initially proposed an offer of 4.5%, which our representatives advised would be unacceptable to members given our clear mandate for a minimum RPI increase. January RPI, the published figure at the 1 March pay anniversary was 4.9%. After constructive talks, this figure was revised to 4.8% at a second meeting, before attaining the RPI figure of 4.9% with a minimum underpin of £1650 at a third set of talks. This equates to an above-RPI increase for any members earning a salary below £33,673.

Your representatives have considered the offer and, having deemed it the best available by negotiation, recommend that members vote to accept.

All members are invited to have a say in our pay referendum survey 

The survey will close at 09:00 Monday 13 May.

Click here to view the offer letter in full.

Responding to our claim, the company set out the offer as follows:

"1 Year Pay Offer (2024-2025) which includes the following:

  • 4.9% annual pay award with an underpin of £1,650 to be applied to basic salary plus agreed allowances to be backdated to 1st March 2024.
  • As we have discussed, we are currently in the control period change for Network Rail and our work bank has yet to be determined, we are therefore still in the process of reviewing our contractual commitments and resourcing levels and some progress has been made in this area. As a result, we are offering a 6-month period of no compulsory redundancies, within Rail Operations subject to redeployment options. We are continuing to review our position within our consulting business and will advise should we make progress in this area. Amey remains committed to the redeployment of employees and would seek to find alternative employment within the business should a potential redundancy situation arise. We would maintain a fair and reasonable approach to this, i.e. allowing any employee at risk of redundancy to secure a position within the business within a period of 3 months or 3 redeployment opportunities. Where the employee deems the redeployment opportunities unsuitable then a redundancy situation may occur.
  • In 2023 we committed to reviewing our policies to help make Amey a more progressive workplace and are happy to confirm the following:
    • Introduction of a policy working group, that will continue throughout 2024.
    • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave.
    • Increase to maternity and adoption leave to 18 weeks full pay increase from 12 weeks full pay, followed by 6 weeks at half pay.
    • Increase to paternity leave to 2 weeks full pay from 1 week.
    • Period Products - Amey offers free period products on all Amey sites."

Make sure that you have your say and please share this message with your colleagues.

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