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Amey Pay Referendum. Reps recommend you vote "no" to reject real terms pay cut

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Amey Pay Referendum 2022.

Amey have made an offer of a 4.21% increase on pay and allowances, with a minimum increase of £1,200, which they described as “best and final”, from 1 March 2022.

Your reps recommend that Amey members vote to REJECT the company's below inflation pay offer which fails to provide any guaranteed job security, or a cost of living pay rise.

Improvements unlikely without strong support for industrial action

The company are only likely to be persuaded to improve their offer if a significant majority of members vote to reject this deal and show that they are prepared to take industrial action if necessary.

Members who vote to reject the offer are encouraged to indicate the action they may be willing to take to seek a cost of living increase and commitment to protect members from the risk of compulsory redundancies.

Have your say and take the Amey 2022 Pay Survey here.

Our pay claim

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Amey members’ pay claim survey.

Your reps carefully considered your views when setting out a pay claim that reflected members’ clear priorities on three specific elements:

  • a substantial increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances that will lead to a material improvement in the standard of living for our members
  • a No Compulsory Redundancy Agreement
  • a comprehensive review of company policies and procedures

Members can view the full claim we presented to the company via our website here

After submitting the claim in January, your reps have had two meetings with the company, with a short adjournment to allow your employer to consider our representations.

At the second meeting, the company presented an offer, which they described as “best and final”, of a 4.21% increase on pay and allowances, with an underpin of £1,200 which would lead to an increase above 4.21% for those on salaries below £28,503.56.

 Amey's "best and final" pay offer:

  • 4.21% annual pay award with minimum underpin of £1200 to be applied to basic salary plus agreed allowances to be backdated to the 1st of March 2022.
  • A commitment to review Amey’s progressive policies including training, professional development, family friendly, flexible working, maternity, paternity and premature baby by August 2022
  • Commitment to achieve bronze level of TSSA Bargaining Standard by September 2022

Read the company's offer letter here. 

The offer did not give any guarantees on job security for the duration of the one-year deal and represented a 3.59 shortfall compared to the January retail price index (RPI) figure of 7.8%.

Members will be aware that the latest RPI figure, for March 2022, is 9%. Since last July, each consecutive month has brought an increase in the rate of inflation. The current figure is the highest since 1991! 

Your reps recommend you vote "no" to reject the offer

Your reps met to consider the offer and whether it was appropriate to recommend that members should accept or reject it. Every rep in attendance agreed that members should be invited to vote on the offer and that they recommend that you vote to reject it.

While the figure offered by the company was a greater percentage than in recent years, with inflation at a level not seen in over thirty years and a cost-of-living crisis facing members. This means that the offer represents a significant erosion of the value of your wages and real terms pay cut.

While members across the industry face threats of job cuts, over ninety per cent of Amey members who responded to our survey made clear in our pay claim survey that job security was “very important” (77%) or “important” (14%), making a no compulsory redundancy agreement an important consideration for any acceptable pay deal this year.

Your reps recommend that you vote to reject the offer. Substantial improvements will require a strong mandate from members indicating support for an industrial action if the company refuse to participate in further negotiations.

The survey will close at noon on Thursday 28 April. 

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Amey Pay referendum April 2022

Have your say on the Amey pay offer

Amey Pay referendum April 2022
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