GWR: TSD Representative Election

Photo shows five TSSA members on picket line on a sunny day in Swindon, holding red 'Our Rail Our Future' Banner

I’m writing to ask members to stand for nomination and election to represent their colleagues.

We have one vacancy for the TSD Swindon constituency (which includes members of the Delay Attribution Team who are now under Performance). I have received some expressions of interest from members within the group and as such will run a nomination process for the remainder of the 3 Year term of office which ends in September 2024.

Nominees will need to be nominated by TSSA members within the relevant constituency i.e. those within TSD Swindon or members of the Delay Attribution team that are now part of Performance.

Representative constituencies

Below are the full list of Representatives in TSD & Rostering & Resources (R&R)

TSD (And the Delay Team who sit under Performance):

Swindon = 3 representatives (Grant Wrenn – who also sits on company Council, Tom Bennett and Vacancy)

Outbased (Not in Swindon) = 1 representative (Simon Bubb)


Swindon = 2 representatives (Steve Clifford & Keith Harry)

Your reps are incredibly important and as well as providing support and advice to members, they take part in consultations and negotiations with the employer as part of the Joint Council and Company Council raising issues on your behalf and for your betterment.

Representative nominations

To be a representative for the TSD Joint Council, you must:

  • work within one of the above constituencies where there are vacancies
  • have a minimum of 6 months service with GWR
  • receive 6 nominations from other TSSA members within the same constituency

Open the nomination form, save & print it. Please fully complete the form with your details, obtain the names details and signatures from 6 valid nominees and then scan and email it to Alan Valentine.

Nominations should be received no later than 9am on Wednesday 5th July January 2023

Any questions should be directed to Alan Valentine.

If at the closing date, there are more valid nominations/candidates than seats for the relevant constituency then I will make arrangements to run an election. If at the end of the nomination period, there is only 1 valid nomination form received then any candidates will be declared elected unopposed.

Make sure to read the full collective bargaining agreement that enables us to have Union reps in TSD & R&R. It’s advisable that anyone wishing to stand as a rep should read this and understand it.

All representatives will be entitled to paid time off to carry out their duties and receive training and for that matter talk to colleagues about the benefits of joining a trade union as per Procedure Agreement 5 – Time off for Trade union Duties and Activities.

Strong Membership

Remember you have won the right to have collective bargaining by having a majority of colleagues who recognise the importance of collective strength by being members of and being part of the TSSA family. Please never forget that, pass the message on like a baton to those that follow and ensure that you encourage new staff to join TSSA online.

GWR TSD Rep nomination documents

GWR – Train Service Delivery Rep nomination form



Nomination form for TSSA Train Service Delivery Reps at Great Western Railways.