GWR: TSSA Election Results - TSD Swindon Constituency

three blue boxes drawn by biro. a silver biro tip placing an X in the middle box.

Election Results

Thank you for all the members that have taken the time to vote in the election for the vacant rep’s position in the Swindon constituency of Train Service Delivery, for clarity the constituency includes the Delay Attribution team who are now part of Performance.

It really is important that you use your democratic opportunity to select and support your representatives either through the nomination process or elections like this, when more candidates stand than we have vacant positions. In that way you can keep your representatives accountable and acting in the collective bargaining groups best interests as they are your reps, and this is your union!

I know that the current representatives take their roles seriously and see how important it is delivering the best that they can for you in sometimes difficult situations.

Outcome of Election

As you know we had 2 candidates standing for election and the votes for each were as follows:

George Moore, Total votes received = 7, share of the vote = 37%

Stuart Wall, total votes received = 19, share of the vote = 73%

Total votes = 26

Therefore, Stuart Wall is duly elected, I’d like to thank George for standing and look forward to supporting Stuart in his new role. Stuart will fill the remainder of a 3 year term of office that runs up until September 2024.

I will now write to the company and advise them of Stuart’s appointment and request release for him to attend the future meetings and be released for reps training, please pass on your congratulations and support to him as your new rep.