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GWR: Pensions Committee Appointee

I’m pleased to announce that Darran Hickery has been appointed as the TSSA candidate to the FGW Pensions Committee.

As per my circular from 17 January we held a nomination period up until noon on 7 February and Darran’s was the only nomination form received, therefore he is elected unopposed.

This is an important role ensuring that TSSA has representation on the committee that oversees the management and administration of your pension scheme. It is important to note that in future if any fundamental changes to the scheme are proposed then they need to be consulted separately through Company Council with the Trade Unions, another reason why collective Bargaining is so important! Help us keep a strong collective voice by encouraging your colleagues to join TSSA online at

We need more health and safety representatives!

I recently wrote out to member calling for TSSA members in GWR to stand to become Health, Safety and Welfare Representatives. I would encourage any member to think about standing for this important role and if you missed the communication on it there is a link to our website here:

And you can access a nomination form for this important role via the following link:

Out of the existing 10 representatives that we currently have, 3 will be leaving on Voluntary Severance in the coming months.

This will leave us with 7 representatives across the whole company, so we badly need representatives to step forward and the communication in the link above identifies where we ideally need these. If you would like to discuss this further, then please contact Alan Valentine by Clicking here