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GWR: Good News Management Collective Bargaining

We have agreed in principle the collective bargaining arrangements that will now cover the Rostering and Resources (R&R) Department, alongside Train Service Delivery (TSD), within Great Western Railway (GWR). 

Because of their close working arrangements TSD and R&R will be represented by the same joint council and R&R will add their own TSSA representatives onto the existing council for TSD.  

This shows that with the right motivation, determination and even in the face of a pandemic we can win collective bargaining for management grades within GWR with help on the ground from our members. My thanks to our reps and active members who have encouraged their colleagues to join our union and helped achieve these successes less than 6 months apart, just before the semi anniversary of the signing of the Trains Service Delivery agreement.

We now have a tried and tested process of demonstrating TSSA membership as the vehicle to giving MS graded staff a true voice within the company. This is especially important at a time when the companies own recent “Your voice pulse survey” showed a 20% decline in engagement compared to 2020 with 3 priorities needed being:

  • to support line managers so that they have more time to support those around them
  • ensure that all colleagues have manageable workloads
  • enhance wellbeing support and better understand what is needed right now.

I’m sure you and your TSSA representatives can help suggest ways that they might be able to make improvements in these areas!

 Already in TSD we have managed to agree to minimum pay levels for roles within their new organisational structure which will increase in line with any annual pay awards, we are in talks to agree a system of grade pay progression, subject to negotiations and then Dft approval and your representatives are currently in roster negotiations. 

I’d encourage all management members within GWR to talk to colleagues about our success and encourage your colleagues to join our growing TSSA Family today 

If you are interested in helping us win collective bargaining for your colleagues in GWR then please contact our organiser Alan Valentine  by clicking here  

Please also print this circular off and put it on a notice board in your workplace so others can see it.

Remember we need to demonstrate through an independent check with ACAS that more than 50%+1 of the managers within a defined department or group are TSSA members to be able to win you collective bargaining. This will ensure that you have trained TSSA representatives supported by the power and weight of a trade union with full time staff to support your interests, just like most other grades in GWR.

The collective bargaining agreements give TSSA the right to negotiate on:

  • Pay Including grade structures, remuneration systems and terms and conditions relating to pay
  • Working hours, including rosters and link working
  • Annual leave
  • Promotion, Transfer, Redundancy and Resettlement arrangements affecting colleagues within the scope of the Joint Council

They give TSSA the rights to be consulted on:

  • Reorganisation arrangements affecting colleagues within the scope of the Joint Council
  • Changes In working practices directly affecting colleagues within the scope of the Joint council
  • The local affects of wider reorganisations affecting colleagues within the scope of the Joint Council
  • Local Performance and business developments affecting colleagues within the scope of the Joint council
  • Accommodation and welfare arrangements affecting colleagues within the cope of the Joint council

These will all become more and more important in the months and years to come as continued change comes to the industry from the creation of Great British Railways.

So please help yourself and your management graded colleagues to prepare now by building TSSA strength in your workplaces and ask your colleagues to join today at

Help us demonstrate that the majority of managers want to be treated fairly and equitably by having the voice that collective bargaining brings!

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