GWR: TSD Representative Elections 10 September 2021

Congratulations to our newly elected MS grade representative for Train Service Delivery. Following the close of the Nomination process I have received 2 valid nomination forms for the 4 Seats advertised and 1 nomination form received after the deadline.

The following individuals have been elected unopposed:

Grant Wrenn, TSC Swindon – Swindon Constituency

Simon Bubb, AOM Bristol – Outbased Constituency

Thank you to both Grant and Simon for stepping forward to represent their colleagues. For the first time in over 6 years, we now have management grades elected to represent the colleagues from their department both within the department and at Company level which is testament to members understanding and embracing the importance of strong union membership within their workplace.

This leaves 2 vacancies within the Swindon Constituency that we need to fill.

And I am writing to open a new nomination process for the remaining vacancies. Therefore, any members within the department from the Swindon constituency are eligible to submit a nomination form and I will now review the nomination form received after the original deadline to ensure it is valid for this new process and communicate with the individual accordingly. 

Previous correspondance on the topic is available on the GWR pages.

Representative nominations

To fill the remaining vacancies and be a representative for the TSD Joint Council you must work within the Swindon constituency, have a minimum of 6 months service with GWR and receive 6 nominations from other TSSA members within the relevant constituency that you are standing for.

To obtain a Nomination form, download it below, save and print it.

Please fully complete the form with your details, obtain the names details and signatures from 6 valid nominees and then scan and email it to Alan Valentine .

Nominations should be received no later than 9am on Monday 11 October 2021, any questions should be directed to Alan Valentine.

If at the closing date there are more valid nominations/candidates than the remaining seats for the Swindon constituency then arrangements will be made to run an election.

All  elected representatives will be entitled to paid time off to carry out their duties and receive training and for that matter talk to colleagues about the benefits of joining a trade union as per Procedure Agreement 5 – Time off for Trade union Duties and Activities – see below.

Company Council

As there is a Company council meeting scheduled on 23 September 2021, Grant Wrenn has kindly offered to be co-opted to attend this meeting until we can fill the remaining seats and decide on who the permanent company council representative will be.

Strong Membership

Remember you have won the right to have collective bargaining by having a majority of colleagues who recognise the importance of collective strength by being members of and being part of the TSSA family. Please never forget that, pass the message on like a baton to those that follow and ensure that you encourage new staff to join the family.

GWR: TSD Rep Elections

GWR – Train Service Delivery Rep nomination form



Nomination form for TSSA Train Service Delivery Reps at Great Western Railways.

TSSA/GWR Train Service Delivery Department Collective Bargaining Agreement, 9 August 2021



TSSA/Great Western Railways Train Service Delivery Department Collective Bargaining Agreement

GWR: Procedure Agreement 5 - Time off for Trade Union Duties



Agreed procedures at Great Western Railway.

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