GWR: TSD Representative Elections 11 August 2021

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It is my privilege to write to MS grades in the Trains Service Delivery Department calling on Nominations to elect TSSA industrial relations representatives to serve our members in that department.

This follows the signing of the new collective bargaining agreement on 9 August 2021.

The new agreement

It is important to say that under the new agreement GWR are unable to derecognise us for 3 years. However, the history we have with GWR shows that we must ensure we continue to recruit MS grades within the department continuously going forward. This is each and every members responsibility to ensure we stay strong so that your rights can be defended in perpetuity. The agreement has been forged by demonstrating strength in membership and so that is the true way to ensure we keep hold if it!

Key to ensuring we can deliver members desires will be filling the new representatives’ seats within the 2-tier structure. The key forum will be the TSD Joint Council which will meet quarterly. We are able to recruit representatives to this forum from 2 constituencies:

Swindon = 3 representatives

Outbased (Not in Swindon) = 1 representative

Page 6, outlines the Purpose of the council and what items are negotiable and consultative, those members impacted by the recent restructuring (which is currently in hiatus) maybe interested to learn that P,T,R & R (Promotion, Transfer, Redundancy and Resettlement) is a negotiable item, not consultative!

We have also agreed for an additional seat at Company Council to represent the department, so that you have a voice in things like Pay talks and companywide procedures etc.

This is a good agreement and ensures that MS Grades within Train Service Delivery have a stronger voice within the company in order to champion your rights in the workplace and have a real say! But you also need to play your part to make it work for you and your fellow members. It is now time to encourage colleagues from within your ranks to stand and represent you in this new committee and then once in place support them and have their backs!

Representative nominations

To be a representative for the TSD Joint Council you must work within one of the above constituencies, have a minimum of 6 months service with GWR and receive 6 nominations from other TSSA members within the relevant constituency that you are standing for (Shown above and in Annex B1 of the agreement).

To obtain a Nomination form download it below and print it.

Please fully complete the form with your details, obtain the names details and signatures from 6 valid nominees and then scan and email it to Alan Valentine .

Nominations should be received no later than 9am on Friday 10 September 2021, any questions should be directed to Alan Valentine, although he will be on annual leave after 19 August and not back until 6 September.

If at the closing date there are more valid nominations/candidates than seats for the relevant constituency then I will make arrangements to run an election.

All  representatives will be entitled to paid time off to carry out their duties and receive training and for that matter talk to colleagues about the benefits of joining a trade union, as per Procedure Agreement 5 – Time off for Trade union Duties and Activities.

Thank you in advance for those that come forward and I also want to take the opportunity to thank each of the staff representatives that have come forward to represent their colleagues in the restructuring talks, who still need your support in that process!

Company Council

Once we have elected the 4 TSD Joint Council Representatives then I intend to seek a representative from their number to represent you at company council, if more than one of the 4 elected reps are interested then again, we may need to carry out a further election.

Equally in the unlikely event that none of the 4 reps are interested then we may need to follow a separate nomination and election process for this seat but I hope that will not be necessary.

Strong Membership

Remember you have won the right to have collective bargaining by having a majority of colleagues who recognise the importance of collective strength by being members of and being part of the TSSA family. Please never forget that, pass the message on like a baton to those that follow and ensure that you encourage new staff to join the family.

GWR TSD Rep nomination documents

GWR – Train Service Delivery Rep nomination form



Nomination form for TSSA Train Service Delivery Reps at Great Western Railways.

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