TSD Restructuring meeting

TSSA met with GWR yesterday to discuss the Train Service Delivery (TSD) restructuring. Thank you to all the work members have done on the ground to support your union in continuing to represent you.

Union Power

TSSA has had success in our arguments thanks to members support, ensuring:

  • All consultation meetings will be single table – allowing the reps to be supported by your TSSA Full Time Officer/Organiser
  • The Reps are 100% TSSA and can be released to receive TSSA training.
  • We’ve received commitment to meet again to consult on the proposals having made it clear that the reps feel they haven’t had enough time to collate your feedback or speak to everyone and the obvious need to receive responses to those points that have been put forward.
  • We have submitted a request to see pay rates as part of the collective consultation and expect to receive this by 23 July
  • We have raised other pay related requests and assertions.
  • Questions and counter proposals received so far have been put to Management as part of the consultations.
  • A joint comms will be sent to affected staff with the structure the staff side used in the meeting which may be useful to members framing further queries.

Clearly, we have made some good ground in relation to the process, however we will continue to need members input and support going forward. As you all read through the detail of the consultations and the responses that are received you may wish to raise further queries or counter proposals via your representatives and TSSA will champion your right to do so.

It is still important to encourage your colleagues who are not members to be a part of the TSSA family today! Colleagues can join online. 

TSSA members attending a rally

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