TSD restructuring vote

TSSA members delivered a decisive message through our vote that you are not happy with the proposals on restructuring and the lack of resolution to the issues that you have raised. Thank you to everyone who took part as your efforts have prevented the consultation closing for now!

Decisive Result!

Out of those directly affected by the restructuring 47 TSSA members were offered a vote on whether they accepted or rejected the restructuring.

40 people voted and of them, 38, or 95% voted to reject the referendum

We then asked if you wanted to be balloted for industrial action or accept the restructuring - 31 or 77.5% voted to be balloted for industrial action with only 5 or 12.5% voting to let the restructuring happen and 4 or 10% choosing to abstain. Through this vote you have demonstrated your collective strength!

What does this mean for me?

The consultation isn't able to be closed and therefore between Daryn's and my annual leave commitments we have agreed to meet on 6 September to have an avoidance of disputes meeting. I have agreed not to ballot for industrial action until we have had an opportunity to seek to resolve the fundamental issues. 

My understanding from the conversation that I had with Daryn is that as the consultation isn’t closed then the same staff reps will be present at that meeting. For more information, you can see the letter that I sent to Daryn today

Next Steps

As always we should plan for all eventualities. If we need to carry out an industrial action ballot then, by law, this needs to be a postal ballot so anyone who has recently changed home address should ensure that we have your correct contact details. 

You can update these online via my TSSA, via phone with the members' Helpdesk 0800 328 2673 or via email . If you are aware your information needs updating then please don’t delay in getting this updated.

Recruit your colleagues – only TSSA members will have a say going forward so please encourage your colleagues to join today. 

TSSA letter to GWR

TSSA letter to GWR Head of Train Service Delivery about restructuring vote


TSSA letter to GWR Head of Train Service Delivery about restructuring vote