Bands 1-4 pay. Self-serving?

Join Tim and Pauline's pay presentations this week. But will they answer the real questions?

Hopefully, you've received an invitation to the Tim Shoveller (£330,000 p/a) and Pauline Holroyd (corrected £215,000 p/a) presentation on Bands 1-4 Pay.

We very much appreciate that Network Rail has adopted our Union's example of speaking directly to members, following our successful series of Teams meetings earlier this year.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Again, following our example, they've arranged the meetings on different days with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We would encourage everyone to attend if that's possible.

Tim and Pauline will describe the "tough" financial climate for the industry, reduced passenger numbers and the terrible position of the TOCs. They will applaud you for your hard work during the present health crisis and wring their hands that more cannot be done to reward your efforts.

They will tell you how hard they've tried to work with TSSA to find a solution to the issues they have created with Bands 1-4 pay. Although, they still haven't actually made a formal offer – even to say there is nothing. And Tim didn't even attend most of the negotiations.

Pauline will talk about the Management Charter that she wants to spend months negotiating to distract us from meaningful issues.

They will ask for your continued patience, commitment and understanding while offering nothing in return.

Can Tim back up his comment that employees who want a pay rise for last year are 'self-serving'?

Why are NR bands 1-4 being penalised with no settlement offered for the 2020 pay increment compared to other public servants and MPs?

Why did the company agree to key principles of fair pay in September 2020 and then not implement any of them?

Why did the company comms state that the Band 1-4 pay talks related to 2021/22 when the meeting on 11th February was about the 2020/21 (last years) pay award?

Why didn’t NR use the £75m saving from the Band 1-4 bonus to make a pay award instead?

What are the company going to do with this year's bonus?

Why is the company focussing on cutting costs in Band 1-4 wages whilst at the same time creating an unaffordable devolved structure?

If the company is committed to making efficiencies why are we employing so many contract staff and not advertising internal vacancies?

Can NR explain why the 8% productivity gain made through agile working cannot help fund a pay rise?

If they are not going to agree a pay settlement, can NR give a commitment that there will be no compulsory redundancies this year?

Is it fair to treat ‘key workers’ in this way during a pandemic especially as many have put themselves in danger?

We know that you will ask these and many more excellent questions, because TSSA members are hard working, intelligent and dedicated railway professionals, not self-serving people as some have suggested.

We are sure that Tim and Pauline will also follow TSSA's example in publishing (and answering) all questions and comments within the Q&A tab, whether or not they are critical or supportive.

Teams Live "chat" is moderated and the presenters can choose whether or not to publish any comments. In the past, NR has used this to censor participants views including those of TSSA Reps.

Our challenge to Tim and Pauline is to enable a honest dialogue where everyone's view is heard, not just those they deem to be useful.

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