Censored – Network Rail fails the transparency test

TSSA members views censored in Company pay briefings

Thank you to all our members who submitted questions to Tim Shoveller and Pauline Holroyd in their Teams events over the past couple of days.

We congratulate Tim and Pauline for their courage in fronting up the Company's position on Bands 1-4 pay.

Please note that TSSA challenged Tim and Pauline to have a genuine dialogue with employees by publishing and answering all the questions you submitted, but we understand that the Network Rail censors were hard at work filtering out many comments and questions.

Did Tim and Pauline answer your questions during their presentation or were they "moderated" out?

If you feel that your questions weren't published or answered, you can submit them to your TSSA Reps who guarantee that we will raise them anonymously with the Company via the National Management Council.

We will publish all questions asked and we will publish all the answers received from the Company.

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What next?

One big question that Network Rail have definitely not answered is, "What is the offer for 2020 pay?"

And what does the letter from the DfT really say?

Is the offer nothing? Could a deal be funded by productivity gains? Are there non-remunerative elements that could be included? So far, Network Rail has not put forward a meaningful position.

However, TSSA has made concrete proposals to the Company to which we have received no response to date.

We are not interested in talks about talks – let’s get down to brass tacks and find a solution.

In the meantime, we have registered a dispute over the failure to enter genuine negotiations, which will escalate unless Network Rail can start doing business.


In our last communication, we wrongly quoted Pauline Holroyd’s salary as being £250k. In fact, her published salary is only £215k.

We offer Pauline a full and complete apology for this genuine error.

To avoid any further confusion, we've published the DfT list of the highest paid NR employees on our website.

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