Network Rail: Modernising Maintenance update

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Modernising Maintenance consultations.

Members are advised that TSSA Officials and Lead Representatives are engaged in consultation with Network Rail around 'Modernising Maintenance'.
Consultation is still very much at the discussion and exploratory stage.

The main focus of talks up to press have been around proposed changes affecting the operator roles.
This is mainly due to this been the area where the biggest impact in relation to changes and numbers will be.

However, the proposed changes will also have direct and indirect impact on Supervisory and Technical Support Grades as well as Technical Grades.
As such we have secured commitment from the employer that discussions will be had that focus solely on these grades.

TSSA members are assured that no changes or proposals have been agreed as of yet. We are still seeking a no compulsory redundancy agreement from the company, and will continue to fight to ensure that the railway is a safe for all those who work in the industry as well as the travelling public. 

As the consultation progresses we will keep all members up dated with any developments. 

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