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Network Rail plough ahead with redundancy plans

In an astonishing turn of events at yesterday’s consultation meeting on Modernising Management, the company promptly closed down hours of productive discussions with a brief statement dismissing our key proposals to avoid the need for compulsory redundancies out of hand. There is clearly a determination to use compulsory redundancies, despite your reps proving this to be completely unnecessary if the company was genuine about achieving the reductions by voluntary means wherever possible; a phrase that has been used repeatedly by senior Network Rail managers. However, the facts tell a very different story:

  • The company employs over 2,000 contractor/agency staff in management roles, yet they refuse to remove these staff to preserve your jobs
  • They declined hundreds of applications for the Special Voluntary Severance Scheme, and yet they refuse to open a company-wide Voluntary Severance scheme that we know would be attractive to many staff
  • They have advertised huge numbers of jobs externally over the past months, and continue to do so with over 100 jobs on the website this week, yet they refuse to implement a recruitment freeze to make these jobs available to staff at risk
  • They have nearly 400 management grade vacancies internally, yet they refuse to implement a national closed listing and redeployment process to maximise opportunities for staff at risk

These are the basics of avoiding the need for compulsory redundancies, and Network Rail are refusing to do even the basics. One reason we’ve been given is that this all takes “too much time”. What? Too much time to give you job security? Too much time to meaningfully consult with your elected representatives? Or, too much time to put staff welfare before cost cutting?

We have participated in the consultation process in good faith and will continue to do everything we can to avoid a full-scale dispute. However, the company’s actions are making this more likely by the day. We will not accept these cuts being made through compulsory redundancies, and nor will we accept your welfare or the safe running of the railway to be compromised.

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TSSA Network Rail Team

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