Pay and Job Security Dispute update 30 May 2022

Network Rail engineer in orange high vis working blue track machinery

Network Rail have not made satisfactory assurances regarding job security or pay, despite a series of National Level 2 Avoidance of Dispute meetings with the company in the last few days.

We have, therefore, concluded the National Level 2 Avoidance of Dispute procedure and are moving to an industrial action ballot of our members. Read below for further details.

Bands 1 to 4:

  • Bands 1-4 staff have fallen far behind other grades over recent years in terms of pay increases.
  • The last cost-of-living based pay increase was 3 years ago.
  • Over the past 2 years, the Company has withdrawn virtually all bonus payments.
  • Many managers in operational roles are still not receiving proper payments for shift work.
  • The Modernising Management programme and SVSS staff reductions are on track to deliver £170m savings for the business.

Via the dispute resolution process, your Reps have managed to secure an offer for Bands 1-4 staff of “at least 2.5%” from 1 July 2022. The company proposed further productivity discussions with a view to tabling an improved offer. The offer also includes a proposal to apply the job security protections contained within the Modernising Management National Principles to all future change proposals by making this the default people process.

However, no concrete proposals have been made about how any money may be distributed across bands, and we have no clarity about how additional increases could be funded.

Although we welcome an offer being tabled and recognise the improved position in respect of job security, it still falls short of realistic expectations. We believe that proper recognition for the contribution made by Bands 1-4 staff is long overdue. It’s time to re-invest a fair share of those savings back into the people that not only deliver for the business day by day but are also expected to deliver the lion’s share of efficiencies.

As the offer fails to sufficiently meet expectations, we have advised the company that Level 2 of the dispute resolution procedures have now been exhausted. We remain open to further negotiations via ACAS but believe that a ballot for industrial action is required to assist moving talks forwards.

Bands 5 to 8 (and equivalent) and Controllers:

The company failed to make any offer at our Level 1 Avoidance of Dispute Meeting.

Therefore, we escalated the dispute to Level 2. Unfortunately, following this meeting, the company has still not provided a full response to our pay claim.  In addition, the company have not made any pay offer in writing as we requested.

Clearly our expectations have not been met:  No pay offer in writing (2% offered verbally) and they have linked any potential pay offer to “Modernising Maintenance”. There have been some reassurances on job security in Operations, but they have still not provided the clear assurances needed across all of this bargaining group to resolve this dispute. This is simply not good enough - especially considering that there has been no pay increase since 01 January 2020.

As the offer fails to sufficiently meet expectations, we have advised the company that Level 2 of the dispute resolution procedures has now been exhausted.

In conclusion:

We will continue to be available for further discussions with the company with a view to achieving an improved offer for our members, in tandem with progressing our preparations for an industrial action ballot.

We are holding Teams live events for all members on Tuesday 7th June (10:00 and 16:00) to allow feedback from your National Reps on our next steps. Please join whichever session is most convenient:

10:00 Tuesday 7 June

16:00 Tuesday 7 June

Update your contact details to stay in touch with the latest news. Personal email addresses and mobile numbers are preferred during a period of dispute.

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