TSSA campaigns for hybrid working for all

You have told us that our Union's members overwhelmingly want the opportunity to blend home working and spending time with colleagues in your workplace.

TSSA successfully lobbied the Company to introduce Agile Working Principles in September 2020. These included the statement that agile should be the new normal.

However, this year, we have seen worrying moves from Network Rail to backtrack on these principles. The Company has also failed to consider how agile working can be facilitated in terms of IT, travel facilities, office space and so on.

Different approaches are being taken in different Regions and Functions, leading to unfairness and inconsistency of opportunity to work in a more agile way.

At a time where NR is seeking to reduce costs, the potential benefits to the business and employees from a hybrid approach to home/office working are enormous.

TSSA is campaigning for a national framework agreement which delivers greater flexibility for our members and creates efficiencies which can be shared to help fund improved remuneration and employee benefits.

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