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Please see the following for an update on two collective grievances to challenge unfair pay practices in Network Rail. 

Maintenance Engineers

We have recently received the outcome of the Maintenance Engineers Collective Grievance and have secured a commitment to introduce an unsocial hours premium where there is a requirement to work nights and weekends. A data collection trail will take place in the coming weeks in three routes (Scotland, Kent, and Wales) to provide further information on hours worked and to inform continuing discussions on what any payment may look like. Affected staff in the trial routes will receive further details in a joint communication to be issued shortly.

This is an important victory for our Maintenance Engineers who for too long have been expected to work regular unsociable hours without compensation and demonstrates the power of collective action in fighting unfair pay practices.

Route Control Managers

We have also received the outcome of the RCM Collective Grievance and have challenged Network Rail to explain how paying new starters significantly more than experienced RCMs is fair and sustainable. Ironically, the only solution offered by the Company appears to be to reduce the pay of the new starters, which will inevitably impact on their ability to attract suitable candidates in the future. The only viable solution is to introduce a minimum starting rate for the job above that of any direct reports, ensure no RCM is paid less than this, and for experience to be recognised and rewarded rather than punished.

We will continue to challenge unfair pay practices wherever they exist and would advise anyone affected by similar issues to talk to your TSSA Reps about how we can collectively challenge unfairness in your pay.

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