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London, Glasgow, Cardiff

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With the scale of the Sunak government’s racist offensive, attacks on refugee and migrant rights, and how this is fuelling the growth of the far right, 2024’s demonstrations for UN Anti Racism Day are of vital importance.

A mass campaign by a broad coalition of forces drawing in anti racists everywhere, and involving trade unions, campaigns, organisations, activists, politicians and cultural figures, on the streets, in workplaces, campuses, schools and communities, is going to be critical in the fight to ensure that the politics of racism, division and hate are not allowed to gain a foothold here in Britain and if we are to stop the rise of the new far right.

In a year where Trump and the far right are poised to make electoral gains internationally, in the wake of worrying developments from Italy, France and the Netherlands, Ireland, Argentina, Finland, Sweden and wider, racism is going to be at the centre of many mainstream parties’ attempts to hold onto or gain power in the year to come, creating a toxic atmosphere of hate and division for the far right and fascists to seize upon.

We must say loud and clear on the streets, all over the world #StopTheHate #UnityNotDivision #StopRacism and we must actively fight for a #WorldAgainstRacism #NoRacismNoFascism

In the week 16 – 23 March, protests are planned in the maximum number of countries possible internationally, to mark UN Anti Racism Day.

On 16 March, in London and Glasgow major protests will take the streets, and in Cardiff on 17 March.

Make sure you are there, and bring everyone you know who wants to stop racism and stop the hate.

HERE you can access and share a google folder including graphics and materials to publicise the events. The folder will include PDFs for leaflets, posters and stickers for all three demonstrations and for the 11 February trade union conference and will be added to each week as we develop more social media graphics, posters etc. 

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