Special National Maintenance Council: Modernising Maintenance

Network Rail engineers in orange high vis working on rail tracks

The National Maintenance Council met earlier today to commence formal discussions around the Modernising Maintenance proposals.

Network Rail called this initial meeting to discuss how consultations would be conducted. As such they did not go into any specifics around actual changes to staffing levels, or terms and conditions. 

The company did say they were looking to create more 'modern and attractive' roles, and that they would continue with their full commitment to safety and "everyone home safe, everyday." Which we found slightly ironic as they would not entertain our request for your safety reps to be included in the next formal consultation meeting.

We were asked to commit to enter consultations with an "open mind" and view to "working through this together".

We are fully prepared to enter consultation with an open mind, provided Network Rail have an open mind and commitment to minimising job losses, avoiding compulsory redundancies and that there is absolutely no compromise on the health, safety and welfare of our members, their colleagues and the industry as a whole.


Formal consultations will commence proper as from the 10th March 2022.

Regular updates on any proposals will be communicated to members as soon as possible after this and subsequent meetings.


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