Tories playing politics with TfL

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TSSA has accused the Conservative government of “playing politics with publicly-run transport services” in the latest funding round as City Hall says council tax will have to rise to meet the Transport for London (TfL) funding gap.

City Hall has this evening announced that Londoners will have to pay more council tax while also seeing TfL bus and tube services cut and fares increase over inflation as the government refuses to properly fund TfL in the face of the covid crisis.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: "It's outrageous that the Tories are forcing Londoners to pay more for public transport. The government has been happy to bail out private train operators but when it comes to Labour-controlled London they are playing politics with our publicly-run transport services. 

"Slashing public transport will leave our decarbonisation efforts and climate commitments in tatters, fill our roads with private vehicles and choke our lungs with polluted air. 

"TfL needs a long-term, fair funding deal which protects and enhances our capital’s transport services. Anything less than that will be an utter betrayal by this government.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the sole cause of TfL’s financial problems is COVID-19 and that train companies across the UK have faced the same emergency funding issues as TfL. “In every case, the Government has bailed out the private rail operators with long-term agreements. However, the Government is treating London differently”, says the Mayor.

City Hall now plans to increase council tax by £20 a year for the next three years.

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